Bali Yoga Teacher Training



50hr Deepening Yin Yoga Training
8 weeks Self-Paced online journey 

During this season 2, we will be unfolding the subtle aspects of the healing journey by bringing awareness into the process of attunement & integration, acknowledging the power of stillness and deep listening as a very important aspect of the embodied healing practices we dive in the expressions of yin. 

Online Yoga Teacher Training
Bali Yoga Teacher Training

In this golden edition we will be deepening on Embodied Yin Yoga, Sound journey Meditation, Nidra, Fascia Unwinding & Somatic movement as practices that will support, promote and create a new baseline of attunement as well as deep harmonization from the inside out.

Join me with some of the most incredible musicians, ceremonialists and sound healers worldwide into a Multi-sensorial, Multi-dimensional Yin Yoga Healing Training that will unfold the different expressions of Yin.

Bali Yoga Teacher Training


• The journey begins.. Embodiment

• The breath... What does it mean to be embodied?

• Elements of the practice: The integration station 

• Holistic healing.. Deepening into the world of somatics

• Yoga Nidra... an ocean of stillness

• Embodied Yin & Pranayama

• Sound journey Meditations

• And much more to discover
Bali Yoga Teacher Training

Expressions of Yin
The Holistic Approach
50hr Deepening Yin Yoga Training
8 weeks self paced online journey  

• Begins on June 12, 2021
• Early Bird Pricing: $489USD
(ends May 31, 2021)
• Regular Pricing $555USD

• Yoga Alliance Certified
• Expressions of Yin Manual
• Unlimited Access to Expressions of Yin Online Videos

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Bali Yoga Teacher Training